Pesticide spraying unmanned uav crop sprayer farm scouting drone

B0631941335  best agdrone crop dusting aerial images sprayer drone with infrared camera honeycomb roboflight precisionhawk.newest research agriculture UAV as crop sprayer with exclusive intelligent pesticide control system.



– The fuselage of the drone uses one-time forming of all carbon fiber technology
– Agriculture UAV designed with fireproof, rainproof and dustproof
– Extremely light weight, maximum capacity of up to 20kg
– Plug structure design with tapered arm, convenient replacement and maintenancea
– Loose connection design patent, assembly and disassembly without tool
– High stability power device, dynamic power redundancy
– GPS hover, pointing flight and automatic route flight function
– Four models of pesticide sprayer, gas,pipe line patrol,electric power line inspection&stringing, and Fire Fighting. 

Parameter Specification
 Model:    F4
Size Size: 2000(L)*1200(W)*400mm(H)
Rotor length: 410mm
Material:  Carbon fiber
Weight:  9KG
Max. Takeoff weight 22.6KG
Max. Load 10L
Light load endurance  >=16 Minutes
Max. flight Altitude  1KM
Battery 16000mAh
Maximum operating Radius  2KM
Maximum take-off height above sea level  4500m
Spraying Efficiency ≥20acres(8 Hectares) / hour
Spraying Scope ≥3.0 meter
Anti-wind <10m/s (6 level)
Hover accuracy  Horizontal ±1.5m, Vertical  ±0.5m
Max. cruising speed 9m/s


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