Hand Pump Sprayer, 1.3 Gallon Capacity

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The NS-3 hand sprayer is a heavy-duty hand held sprayer with a 1.3 gallon liquid capacity. It is constructed of heavy-duty plastic and is perfect to use with non-acidic liquids. The compression hand pump has a maximum pressure of 40 PSI. The sprayer comes equipped with a hose, sprayer wand, and shoulder strap.

sprayer (4)

This hand pump sprayer makes it easy to apply liquid insecticide, herbicides, and pesticides around your home or lawn. The 3-1/2 ft. hose and 15 in. brass wand with an adjustable nozzle makes it easy to place non-acidic formulas where you want them. It is constructed with heavy-duty plastic tank that has a liquid capacity of 1.3 gallons. The tank is equipped with a pressure relief valve for safety and to make removing the pump assembly easier after being pressurized.

The hand held sprayer has a plastic compression pump that is sealed with rubber o-rings. The compression pump is hand actuated to an operating pressure of 40 PSI.


  • Model NS-3
  • 1.3 gallon capacity
  • Compression pump
  • Heavy duty plastic tank construction
  • Maximum pressure: 40 PSI
  • Rubber O-ring seals
  • 3-1/2 ft. hose with couplings
  • Plastic trigger grip with 15 in. brass wand and adjustable cone nozzle
  • 6-1/2 in. wide-mouth funnel opening
  • Spare rubber parts kit included
  • Pressure relief valve for easy opening
  • Shoulder strap included

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